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Welcome to Wentong official brand website. When you come to this page, you have become our most honorable customer. As a Wentong person, we sincerely invite you from the other side of the network to visit our company.support hotline:+86 18676798979,We will arrange a shuttle for you.

Shenzhen Wentong Electronics Co., Ltd.

  • Addr.Navigational Positioning " Julong Industrial zone- Huangjiang Town-Dongguan"

  • Business Department No.1TEL:+8618676798979   QQ:2885625242

  • Contact informationTEL:0755-23153639   Fax:0755-27441268

  • Routes[Bus route] 882; M193; M234; 325; M217; M395; M415 to Wanfeng Industrial Zone① and walk 283 meters to Shenzhen Wentong Electronics Co., Ltd.Wentong

  • Korea DepartmentTCP Korea
    TEL:+82-(0) 70-75663600

  • Driving directionsBuilding C, Julong Industrial Zone Huangjiang Town, Dongguan City."